30 Different Types of Rompers for Women in Trend 2019 - Best DIY and Crafts Ideas


A Romper is a single-piece garment of clothing which resembles a combination of shirt and shorts. Rompers were first invented in 1900 in the USA. Originally rompers were invented for babies as playwear for their comfortable movement. Later on, after the 19th century, rompers became famous clothing garments for babies and children. And in the …


  1. Posted by olivia0234, — Reply

    it’s almost like a zentangle. i’ll probably fail at the flower but i will try

  2. Posted by JJS_Forever, — Reply

    This is good inspiration I haven't drew in a while....... :)

  3. Posted by marqualatate, — Reply

    What did you make this out of

  4. Posted by mackennamacario, — Reply

    Paper and markers

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